Hey Human,


Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt: (I obviously can’t see you but do it anyway) 

  • self-doubt

  • insecure

  • anxious

  • not good enough

  • unworthy

  • afraid

  • not qualified

  • not ready

  • not ____________ (fill in your own stuff)

*this is me, myself, raising my hand over here by the way.

Do you know that visceral sensation of being in your own way? Like you can close your eyes and imagine a version of you that is abundant and vibrant and so full of life force energy that you’re actually radiating, but like there’s something inside you blocking that reality from manifesting?

Sick AF of not feeling like life is moving through you with ease? Of not doing shit you love? Of being afraid to start _________ (insert whatever you’ve been putting off until ‘the time is right’ here)? Of feeling like there’s muck clogging the pipe that leads to feeling enlivened and uninhibited and free?

Are you ready to get to the root of the stuff that keeps you stuck?


Was that a “HELL YES” I heard?

Well then it’s a real good thing you clicked the button that brought you here, homie.

Because that shit is clogging the pipe that leads to the real you.

And it’d be dope if the real you would please 👏 stand 👏 up 👏.

Ready to learn how?

Let’s just assume you said “HELL YES” again.

(this is where I reach out my hand to you and give you a “let’s do this shit” fist bump)


These 45 minutes are on the house. All you need to do is show up and tune in.

We’re gonna talk about:

  • the stories you don’t even realize you’re giving power to.
  • understanding why and how you got to all of those stories and fears in the first place.
  • what’s in the way and how to heal your core wounds.
  • identifying and healing your unconscious beliefs.
  • my favorite thing (besides The Office)… freedom.


You're gonna walk away with:

  • some serious knowledge to help expand your self-awareness
  • energy and inspiration to make real shifts in your reality
  • the first steps in a roadmap to your healing and freedom
  • actual exercises for your own self-discovery and inquiry
  • some LOL's - for sure

All you need to do is drop your email there  to gain access to the next session on Thursday, September 6th at 6PM EST for FREE.

I’ll take care of the rest. 

P.S. keep scrolling for a preview video