The Path to Intuition

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*story by Lauren Chapman BSc, MA - Soul Guide, Healer + Spiritual Scientist

Intuition is an ability which is available to everyone. Strengthening our intuitive abilities can have a direct positive influence on our human relationships, business relationships and material relationships. The definition of intuition is a way to make a decision without analyzing or consciously processing. Our primal brain structures are designed to do just that, make decisions based solely on our environmental and bodily cues, without using the higher brain structures of analysis. I would define intuition as feeling guided through the ebb and flow of life.

Intuition always speaks first. All we need to learn to do, is turn down the dial of our analytical brain, cut out our already developed reasoning skills and allow the intuitive feeling to flow through. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Unfortunately, throughout our lives we are not taught to rely on this subtle cueing system but rather taught to reason and logic our way through a problem. This action can lead to challenges as we relearn the path to our innate intuitive understanding. 

One of the most common ways we are taught to tune into our intuition is through the body. Our bodies’ physiologically react to external stimuli before our conscious mind registers the same stimuli. Our galvanic skin response causes us to sweat when we are making a risky decision, before our mind registers the decision as risky. Our heart rate speeds up milliseconds before we are shown a emotionally negative photograph. The body has its own wisdom so naturally, the more tuned in we are to our bodily cues, the more easily we are able to understand our intuition. Mindful movement is a great way to tune into our bodies, drown out our mental chatter and allow us space to listen to the  body’s cues.

For some this particular route to intuitive understanding can be challenging. Our body guidance can lead us astray if we have unconscious trauma stored in our tissues. Trauma causes us to have physiologically, triggering reactions to circumstances which vary depending on the person and the trauma. This can alter our ability to connect to our intuition. Luckily, through becoming aware of the ways our trauma can change the physiology of our bodies we are able to decipher the difference between an intuition versus a trauma memory. As we build on this awareness we learn to work with and trust our body while seeking intuitive understanding. 

Another way we are taught to listen to our intuition is through meditation and deep spiritual work. Through this method some of us may find that we are able to strengthen our intuition enough to receive guidance in the form of visions, voices, taste, smell, sentience or a knowing. Those of us who practice meditation regularly or are innate healers find this method more easily accessible. I believe this form of receiving intuition is available to everyone through practice. In this circumstance we focus on our intuitive understanding coming from a place inside of us. Example steps would be; take a deep breath, clear the mind, and focus on the question, then trust what comes, however it comes. The more you practice this method, the easier it will become to drown out the analytical noise, receive the intuitive understanding and most importantly trust the intuitive understanding.  

Personally, when I was developing my intuition I was not a good traditional meditator and I have experienced trauma. When I first started tuning in I was unaware of my healing abilities and naively did not fully accept in the power of spiritual guidance. I used a method of developing my intuition which I believe is available to everyone no matter where we are at on our journey. 

It sounds simple, and it is, we focus on directing our questions outward. 

When the question is sent outward we hold space for answers to come. The energy of the question we hold will seek to become whole and therefore present us with universally guided steps, eventually leading us to understand our question wholistically. This guidance may come through divine interventions, synchronicities or enlightening conversations. I find there is a lot of magic and humor in this path. It is a playful way to connect to the power of spiritual guidance. Though, I have strengthened my intuition to be able to pose questions inward, seeking intuitive understanding inwardly is not always available to me when I am too zoomed in on a circumstance in my life. If I find myself unable to receive inner guidance I always pose the question outward. 

Guidance lives inside and all around us. Some of us are able to move straight to trusting our inner intuition or bodily cues whereas others learn through experiencing intuitive understanding externally and in time cultivate an understanding of the inner world. There is no right way to go about it; trust wherever you are on your journey and see where your intuition takes you.

*Lauren Chapman is a Soul Guide, Healer and Spiritual Scientist. Read more and get the low down on how to connect with here. She is fucking epic. You'll be glad to know her.