The Good Shit - Vol 3


After four weeks of NON-STOP rain here in South Florida, I am sitting poolside and drinking up every precious drop of sunshine I can scrape together. Seriously, how do people SURVIVE in places like Seattle? I would die. I would actually die. As a (basically) lifelong Floridian, I only know how to properly function when the sun is blaring and relief in the form of a breeze is non-existent. Whenever I envision a “happy” place - anything drenched in sunshine where I can be minimally clothed will do the trick to take me straight to bliss-ville. Dear sun, I missed you. Please stay. I’ll make you breakfast and sing to you and dance with you and just generally worship you. Isn’t that enough?!

Anyway, Volume 3 of The Good Shit is here! Man, I love doing this. It’s a bi-weekly moment of pause to reflect on what’s adding value to my life, and gives me (and YOU!) permission to be a human on the material plane who delights in both non-material AND material experiences. “Stuff” can really get a bad rep’ in the world of self-discovery and spiritual-ness, because - “it’s just stuff and it doesn’t actually matter”. BUT, let’s just keep it 100 over here - we’re physical beings that covet and benefit greatly from physical things.

Don’t get me wrong, these lists include some divine intangibles too. Humans I love and ideas that are resonant and stories I’m inspired and elevated by. The Good Shit exists in service to your full expression - being a free, abundant, creative, physical, mystical, weird human.

Okay done blabbering (not really).

The Good Shit - Vol 3:

Story time! Once upon a time, I was a for-real makeup artist. Yeah, me! One of my first shoots was with a then totally unknown Nina Agdal - before she was dating the likes of Adam Levine and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated and sensually eating cheeseburgers in commercials. But I digress. Towards the end of my career (which I walked away from knowing it was just time to shift energies) I got really into ‘clean’ products - stuff that wasn’t packed full of shit chemicals that our bodies absorb through our largest organ HELLO! I switched over all of my personal products and as much of my pro kit as possible and never looked back. I still seek out stuff that is pure AF - especially bc my skin is sensitive enough to begin with, without adding bronzer that has jet fuel in it. Or whatever. I found these multi-purpose pigmented balms last year in New York at a spot called Credo Beauty and have been a diehard fan ever since. No. 5 - Currant, is my staple. I like to look like I spent a little too much time in the sun - every fucking day. I use it high on the apples of my cheeks, down my nose, eyelids and forehead (and lips if I’m feeling that). Basically anywhere my face would naturally catch the most sun. Today I scooped their No. 6 Bronze, and I have my eyeballs on this new pink bc I’m feeling a brighter vibe for summer. 

This stuff stays in my fridge to soothe my active skin, and I use it when I remember. Sometimes I remember more often than other times. These last couple weeks has been one of those handy times. It’s making my skin feel softer, and so it saying nicer things to it and not talking to my breakout-prone face like it’s a person I don’t like. Plants respond to being spoken to kindly, so do our bodies. Weird. 🤔

Snagged these rad boots for a date a couple weeks ago and they make me sound like a cowboy when I walk down the street and I fuck with that.

True story: I downloaded this book on Audible a hot minute ago and started listening while driving to the Smoky Mountains by myself on a road trip. I listened to about 30 minutes of it and was so triggered by it and how clearly it called out my shit that I literally had to shut it down to catch my breath. Then last week I met with a new client and she was reading it and having a similar “oh shit, dis me” experience. I took it as a nod from The U and started listening again, and I’m fucking obsessed with Jen’s approach to reprogramming limited beliefs around money. Implementing some subtle shifts has triggered MASSIVE shifts in how I’m relating to money and experiencing abundance. It’s fucking awesome. Magic. Or voodoo. Or just consciousness. Probably that one 😉💸 (hardcopy here)

Snagged this workout program from Jill Coleman a couple of years ago and have turned back to it over and over again. The workouts are short and pack a punch - like, painful to sit down to pee for two days after, status. If you really move your ass and don’t dick around on Instagram, you could be in and out in 30 minutes. 

By some stroke of incredibly good fortune, I know both of these women (this one and this one) personally and have experienced significant moments in my personal growth through their friendship and teaching. Both have truly bold, unique, limitless approaches to teaching yoga. Their willingness to bust out of normal movement patterns and get curious about the spaciousness of the body and spirit, inspire me to reach new levels of creativity in my teaching, and in ALL aspects of my life. Beyond their badass yoga teacher gifts, they body embody fierce authenticity and create lives that are fucking fun. Amy Dannheim and Goldie Graham are the real deal, and I’m one lucky human to call them friends. 

Which brings me to this DOPE app created by Amy’s equally fucking awesome husband, Mike. Sensie App helps you to tune into your unconscious emotions and understand how stress is being stored in your subconscious beyond what you’re obviously aware of. It works by activating a simple muscle testing technique that uses your freaking PHONE to detect states of harmony or disharmony that are occurring within the body subtly. I’ve been really honing in on subconscious beliefs in my coaching practice and will definitely be suggesting this tool to my clients.

Lacy Phillips and her platform, Free & Native have dramatically impacted my life and my work. The voice of fear in my head says “don’t share this, what if people like her better than you!?” annnnnnnd you might. So what. This work is important and so is obliterating the voice of the shitty committee inside my head.

Thissss epic platform is - and I quote - ‘holistic mystic realism for the modern multi-hyphenate’. It was formed by a fucking awesome woman named Michelle. I got on the phone with her a couple of weeks ago and told stories, laughed, talked about throwing parties for ourselves, and stewarding your gifts. Follow along immediately. 

My home girl Corinne lives and creates in my town of West Palm Beach and makes the coolest jewelry inspired by this sweet salty life, spirituality and her travels and adventures. I wear two of her simple gold bands every single day and always swoon over her designs.

I WILL be tattooed by this woman this year.

J.Cole’s new album for the win.

This cover of God’s Plan, for the bonus round.

Stay human, fam ✌️

- Sauce