Let me tell you how a good story works:
*PSA - I did not make this shit up - a smarter human than me named Donald Miller of Storybrand did. Read his book. And then read his other book.

A hero,
has a problem,
and meets a guide,
who gives them a plan,
and calls them to action,
that ends in success,
and helps them to avoid failure.

Every single time you’ve been activated in a story, you’ve been a part of some form of this journey.
“What does all of this have to do with the title of this journal entry?” you might be wondering by now…

I recently became aware of a very important fact - I haven’t been telling you a great story. Which blows my ego to shit because I’ve considered myself a good storyteller. High five for always learning!

Here’s what you need to know:
My real name is Stef, but everyone calls me Sauce. The reason why isn’t as epic as you wish it was and I will eventually make up a sick story (lie) to feed you all about it. I’m a coach, writer and yoga teacher. I do rad shit. I help creators/leaders/entrepreneurs/real humans figure out who they are, tap into their gifts, and tell their stories so that they can live fully expressed lives.

But like, WTF is a coach?

It was about three years ago and my career with lululemon was in its infancy that I discovered the answer to this question myself. My manager (such a lousy term for who these people were for me) had just gotten back from Global Leadership Conference (an EPIC lulu thing) and returned with a sheet of paper the size of a bookmark with questions on it that said “Put Me In, Coach” in bold red letters at the top. They were all inquiries someone could offer in a moment of holding space for someone else. They allowed the listener to hold up a mirror to the other so that they could find their own way towards whatever resolution they were seeking. In all of my time at lululemon, none of my leaders - my coaches - ever answered a single one of my questions. They always just asked me another question. This gift in this was that I learned that I could trust my own wisdom, and that I just needed a space where I could rebound my own processing. Coaching and consulting are often used interchangeably, but here’s the difference:

A good consultant gives you good answers.
A good coach asked you good questions.

My job is to inquire. Listening with my head, heart and body sensations to pull out the questions that you need to hear so that you can forge ahead with confidence and a strong intuitive muscle. And my job is to be a guide in your story.

Every epic movie you’ve ever seen or book you’ve ever read (and in a ton of other ways you don't even realize) has led the hero to their unique victory in this way. Harry had Dumbledore. Katniss had Haymitch. Luke Skywalker had Yoda (I think, right? TBH I’ve never seen Star Wars so I probably should have left this out to avoid hate mail). The hero, in order to emerge triumphant, needs a guide. I myself have guides. Guides are fucking awesome. We need them. All of us.

You are the hero of the story. Not me. You. If you’re feeling or have ever felt stuck, or in transition, or ready to shift the energy and direction of your life, or have some big, epic shit you know you’re here to be up to, and if you want to feel more authentically, fully and freely expressed as your absolute whole, real self - then I am here to be your guide.

I’m not a guru and I’m not going go “fix” you.
I am a guide.
And I’m going to reach out my hand for you and say “let’s fucking do this shit”.

I’m going to give you a plan. It is going to look like this:
1. You’re going to tell me your story
2. We’re going to unpack that story and find out what’s holding you back, what unconscious patterns you’re in, what you don’t even realize that you believe and what bullshit you’re buying that is in the way of YOU.
3. We’re going to create a human strategy using the best of who you already are - your unique and potent gifts - and leverage those to shift you into the expansion that you are ready to own.

This plan ends in success, but first you have to do one thing - act. You’re being called - right now.
If you’ve been waiting for a sign - this is it, amigo. This. Is. It. *insert neon sign here*

I’m ready for you.

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