TUNE IN | Intuition


The other night I had a meeting with a client, who is one of the first that I’m bringing through a new coaching format. That morning, I wrote in my manifestation journal that I wanted to create the conditions for us to connect meaningfully, and that I could be a support in her self- inquiry and discovery. I started working with her before I finally answered the inward call (scream) to shift the focus of Apollo Connection Company to Intuition Coaching, and I asked her if she’d be open to trying something new with me. She said yes, equally as excited as I was to explore that, and we dove in. I left feeling so abundantly spacious, completely affirmed, and deeply grateful.

When I left, I got out to the parking lot and what I saw parked in front of my car nearly knocked the wind out of my chest. Parked directly in front of me, was a car that was stickered across the back window, speaking to the owners business/services. The description read “Intuitive Life Coaching” and symbols of OM surrounded. What. The. Fuck.

It is not every day you meet someone who labels themselves an Intuition Coach for a living. The months preceding this shift in my own business were spent in debate on whether or not what I was feeling called to do from deep within my soul, was something that anyone would actually be open to receive. I knew that this work was shifting my own life in ways that were truly massive, to say the very least. And the beta-tests I’d been conducting with people close to me were supporting a leveling-up in awareness that was proving that I was on to something. My own Intuition was chiming in all day, every day, shouting “LET’S FUCKING DO THIS”. It was time to follow my own protocol and tune in to the information and leap.

So, what is Intuition anyway? Recently I read a definition in The Game of Life and How To Play It that was so perfect I won’t bother to riff on it on my own. Florence Shovel Shinn, the author, says “Have you a ‘hunch’ to do anything, or to do anywhere? Intuition means…to be taught from within. It is man’s unerring guide.” 

The idea is that we are equipped with a divine inner guidance system that is constantly in communication with us. We get so wrapped up in self-limiting programming that we suffer such disconnect with this abundant source of truth. But here’s the secret, it never leaves you. A deeply trusting relationship with your Intuition is available to you, always. Everything is information. Every “pull” you feel to do something, go somewhere, etc etc etc, no matter how inexplicable, is originated by your Intuition, attempting perpetually to illuminate the path that guides you home. No matter how micro or macro the message. The requirement on our end is to heighten our awareness and be willing to recognize when The Universe is using our Intuition to communicate with us and to reveal the truth.

Seeing this car, owned by this fellow Intuition Coach, was The Universe letting me know that all is in divine, divine right order. That I was in alignment with my truth as I left my client that night. It was evidence of what is called “believing is seeing”. I’ve done the work to clear the blocks that kept me stuck in the fear that what I was creating wouldn’t work, and stepped out into the belief that I would create something important, something the world needed, uniquely, from me. This literal sign, allowed me to find solid ground in the belief that what I’m creating is tangible and real - someone else is doing it! On top of all of that (which is enough affirmation and information as it is), when I went to this woman’s website, her phone number was literally just one digit off from mine. This is information. It is all information. And all is in right order.