This weekend was a huge lesson in checking my energy.

My dear friend Nick exposed me to this practice of his a little while ago and it’s become an essential part of my own inward dialogue. What it means is that I’m tuning in to assess my intentions, and whether or not the task/conversation/relationship/(insert literally anything here), is the most valuable expenditure of my energy. Not just for the sake of honoring my own boundaries and self-preservation, but for whoever that energy might impact as a direct or indirect by-product.

I wasn’t great at that this weekend. There were definitely imbalances that I could have either prepared for differently or prevented altogether. Interactions that were necessary, ones that were certainly not, too much giving, not enough receiving, and the generation of energy that wasn’t in service of my honest needs and frankly, capacity. From this brilliant friend of mine, I’ve learned that being mindful and protective of where I let energy flow isn’t just okay, it’s crucial. And it means that where I do choose to spend it is where it is most valuable for everyone involved. I’ve gotten to experience the immense power we generate from minding the value of the exchange, and expending or preserving accordingly.

Today I woke up feeling like I’d drained the battery completely, and knew I had to get my shit together to lead a workshop. I navigated the morning gently, stayed in bed late(r) and listened to the rain, wrote, made tea infused with elixirs from the most gorgeous brand, Anima Mundi Herbals, and took lots of deep breaths before entering into the session as a clear and capable space for others to share and discover, to be seen and heard. I totally could have gone about the previous 24 hours with greater awareness so I could greet today with even more to give, but we simply notice the ability to shift and then do so. It’s a practice.

Let your energy be disbursed with the fullest possible awareness of its greatest vigor. And if you falter, I find the cure to basically everything is tea.