CALL IN | Manifestation


Recently I’d been coveting a new notebook. I wanted something with blank pages to pour into with daily manifestations and gratitude. A few times I almost ventured out to grab one, but just had a feeling that I should hold off. No real reason, just a feeling.

Two days ago I shared space with my friend Jeanette for sweet creative connection. I asked her to share stories of her time in Thailand working with refugees and riding elephants. “It’s really perfect that we’re talking about this” she said “because I have a surprise for you.” She told me to close my eyes and open my hands.

I held in my outstretched palms, a notebook with a beautiful elephant hand-painted on the cover. “I found it in a little shop a while ago and felt drawn to it, but never wrote in it. I realized it wasn’t meant for me, it was for someone else. It was meant for you.”

Intuition informs me that what is meant for me will never miss me. Manifestation is the result of working to strengthen this muscle. I asked for a notebook, and the perfect one found its way home in right order. With the exact message I needed to hear at this particular season of my life:

“Speak. Write. Create. There are universes inside of you and a galaxy of blessings to pour out. Speak to the stars and solar systems that reside inside those around you. Pour stardust onto page. Pour lunar eclipses and solar flares. Dot each “i” like a constellation. Call forth greatness, and know, like space, YOUR IMPACT IS INFINITE.”

The Universe is ready to deliver all that you desire into your open hands. From notebooks to the speaking of truth into your heart by a friend who is here to remind you that your voice is heard. My work with Intuition allows me to land in the complete faith that The Universe will ALWAYS provide. If I allow those nudges from my Intuition to inform my next steps, everything I’m calling in will be delivered in its divine time (which - to be clear - is not always MY time). I wanted a notebook, but something told me to pause, without any particular reason why. But in trusting those pulls, I wait and see what unfolds. Time and time again, that trust is affirmed in bounty. All I have to do is work to clear the blocks that keep me stuck in old programming, stand confident in making those bold requests, and ground in the unchanging truth that I am worthy of everything I ask for..

If you are curious about how to cultivate an abundant relationship of trust with your own Intuition, I look forward to connecting with you over a SATYA Session, and to listening for the truth that lives within you, ready to be your guide.