What is your brand? If your answer is that it is the product or service you sell, - guess again. Your brand is the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It's how the community you aim to reach, feels when they interact with whatever it is that you're sharing, and it lives within every single piece of that puzzle. It's an extension of you, yourself.

Simon Sinek said in a TED Talk long gone viral, that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The millennial era gives a shit about purpose. In the age of Instagram, Squarespace, VSCO and Venmo , you can literally monetize anything and create a beautiful platform from which to share it, instantly. So, how do we set ourselves apart from the 1833928478228 other people doing the same shit?

That's where your brand comes in. Because the fact of the matter is that no one is an original anymore. Someone else does what you do, but they are missing one important piece of the puzzle - you. And only you can deliver that.

The photo above is from a Tuesday night throwing sesh at Avenue PotteryLani Goodrich is taking West Palm Beach by storm with pottery she makes by hand in her backyard. I can hardly go anywhere around here that isn't carrying her stuff, or sourcing her talents for custom pieces that help tell their story. I could buy a damn bowl anywhere. But this bowl, this brand, offers me an experience. Listening to Wu Tang Clan under the full moon with my friends, with a cold beer in one hand and an empanada in the other, while Lani fixes the hot mess of clay I can't figure out how to center for fucks sake. Every single piece of the equation screams Lani, with honesty and authenticity. I'm not buying a bowl, or a ball of clay. I’m buying the fact that the sounds of C.R.E.A.M. and laughter with my friends will play in my head every time I eat a bowl of NOT ice cream (I’m lying, it's ice cream - THIS ice cream). I’m buying the secret sauce that is Lani herself.

This is branding with intention. Tuning in to the truth of who you are and why you're here, and pouring out - intuitively guided. It's in the very feeling we experience in the receiving of your divine purpose. The conscious and eloquent infusion of self, in what you sell.