t's 8:57 on the morning of Tuesday, December 6th, 2016. I find that I like to punctuate my writing with a time stamp, these days. There have been so many necessary,  precious moments of pause in my life as of late.

The Apollo Connection Company went live less than 24 hours ago and the response to the birthing of this baby of mine has been overwhelming, to say the least. Despite the depth of my connection to my tribes and to my community, I could not have anticipated the joy that flooded in yesterday. May you all know how fully I feel that joy. It radiates like the sun from my abundant and grateful center. I feel that shit.

The past six months have marked a significant season of change. It was around June that I knew something was stirring around my insides. My relationship wasn't working, my job wasn't fulfilling me the way it used to, and I was being plagued by crippling anxiety that seems to show itself every time I'm not acknowledging some sort of truth. The greater the awareness grew in the pit of my belly that I was going to have to take some terrifying leaps, the more anxious I became, and I stepped further and further away from taking the kind of action I knew in my gut would bring me peace.

Then the storm came. Hurricane Matthew came to town and a viel of calm and quiet was quite literally draped over everything. Externally and internally, it all slowed down. I sat in this place of sudden serenity and allowed these gentle nudges from the universe be enough to push me towards the sweet, sweet jump. Not surprisingly, I found that I was suspended in grace, just inches from the ground. And I learned, for the first of many times since, that there is so much abundance in trust.

What has taken shape since that jump can only be described as alignment. I believe that when we are in honest communication with our truth, when we really tap into that knowing, what we experience as a result is quite simply, all of the magic there is to behold.  By stepping into the fullest expression of my most authentic self, the universe conspires to support me in the attainment of my core desires. All I have to do is arrive every day and say "I am going in the direction of my truth, today." and be willing to recognize the signs as they appear in flashing technicolor and say "GO THS WAY". 

And so, what's next is the continued arrival in that honesty. This project, this brand, this platform for expansion exists in the name of that perfect surrender to the truth. In the name of daring greatly. In the name of alignment.

am ready.